Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

best-way-to-lose-belly-fat-for-men-620x350Belly fat has become a universal health concern among people today. How much ever you research you can only cite two reasons as major causes for belly fat – improper diet and lack of activity. Most of the people aspire to lose belly fat in order to achieve a shapely body. It is a welcoming thought, as belly fat is linked with major risky health concerns such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart conditions and diabetes. Hence, taking measures to control belly fat at the initial stage will fetch you the preferred results. Exercising daily is highly essential if you seek to lose belly fat along with your healthy diet. There are some belly fat exercises common for both genders which are simple to follow without any assistance.  Let us have an overview on such exercises.

Recommended exercises for burning belly fat

Some people think that by performing different types of crunches alone one can get rid of belly fat. It is not so; crunches can help you strengthen the core and tone the abdominal muscles but do not burn fat. So, what actually burns fat around belly? The most common exercises that are effective in getting rid of fat on the whole and around belly are walking, jogging, trekking, swimming, aerobics, kickboxing, cycling, stretching, Yoga, dancing and any form of sports. The above suggestions are ideal for men and women alike. When you perform crunches and certain abdominal exercises in combination with the above said exercises, you can lose belly fat positively.

Plank exercise: It is one of the simple exercises for burning belly fat. Lie down on the floor with your face downwards. Slowly raise your body with the support of your hands and balance the feet on the toes. Ensure that your hands are held straight without any bents under the shoulders. Pull in your abdomen and stay in this pose as long as possible. This exercise is effective in stretching all your muscles in the body.

Stability ball curl: Lie back on a fitness ball such that the ball supports your mid spine. Move your body in a backward motion over the ball such that it lowers backwards. Now curl your body frontward. Repeat these backward and forward curls for about 15 times. While performing this exercise, ensure that your feet do not rise off the ground and the shoulders are not bent.

Bicycle exercise: Lie supine on the floor. Intertwine your fingers at the back of your head. Lift one of the legs about ten inches above the floor. Twist your elbow and draw it towards the bent knee. Likewise, lift the other leg and take the respective elbow towards the knee of the raised leg. When you do this alternately in a swift motion, it will look as though you are cycling in the air. Ensure that your body remains straight during the course of the exercise.

Crunches: Crunches are considered as one of the best abdominal toning exercises. Lie in a supine position on the ground with knees bent and feet flat. Interlock your hands behind the head or neck and twirl your shoulders forward drawing them to the pelvis. Stay in this position as much as you can. Ensure that you do not transfer pressure on your neck to avoid injuries. The hands are kept behind the head or neck only for the support.